Products Liability & Mass Tort

When faced with the risk of substantial financial and reputational exposure that comes with product liability and mass tort cases, companies turn to the experienced products liability team of attorneys at Mitchell Williams. With decades of trial experience, our products liability lawyers serve as trusted counsel and advocates to corporate clients in a broad range of industries.

Our law firm has been involved in many of the significant complex product liability and mass tort cases in Arkansas over the last three decades in addition to working on high-profile cases nationwide. Our team of product liability lawyers have extensive experience serving as national, regional and local counsel in the defense of complex product liability and mass tort cases. We have sophisticated expertise in handling multi-front litigation with complex procedural issues and legal questions of first impression. We also drive value to our clients by efficiently and effectively using technology to manage complex matters from any location. 

We represent product manufacturers, designers, distributors, sellers and service companies, as well as their insurers, against product liability and mass tort suits arising from alleged defects, harm, exposure and injury. Our corporate clients are representative of all types of industries, including: 

  • Agriculture
  • Aircraft and aerospace
  • Automotive component-parts and tires
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer goods
  • Heavy equipment
  • Industrial products
  • Medical devices and pharmaceuticals
  • Recreational equipment and devices
  • Transportation

Our clients trust us to focus on their business goals and work to ensure that every defense strategy aligns with their goals. Our law firm has a deep bench of experienced litigators who try cases through to verdicts, but we are also trusted advisors who know that a trial is not always the best option. When alternative dispute resolution offers a better chance of an advantageous outcome, we have a solid track record of negotiating positive results. Results are ultimately what distinguish our law firm.

Contact the Mitchell Williams Products Liability team of lawyers in Little Rock, Rogers and Jonesboro, Arkansas. In Little Rock and Jonesboro, contact Attorney Ben Jackson at 501-688-8887.  In Rogers and Little Rock, contact Attorney Stuart Miller at 479-464-5670.