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Lasley, Spitzberg, Mitchell & Hays Law Firm is formed

Attorneys P.A. Lasley, Henry Spitzberg, Maurice Mitchell and Steele Hays join together to establish a law firm.


Firm becomes Spitzberg, Mitchell & Hays

P.A. Lasley leaves firm. 


Little Rock Schools Desegregation Crisis

Governor Faubus orders Little Rock high schools to close in order to block desegregation. Firm partners join the public protest against closing schools. In 1959, Maurice Mitchell aids a successful S.T.O.P. Campaign to recall segregationist school board members.  


Firm Becomes Spitzberg, Mitchell & Gill

Steele Hays is appointed to the Arkansas Court of Appeals and leaves firm.   


Allan Gates Joins Firm

Allan Gates joins the firm from an environmental law practice in Washington, D.C.


First Female Associate Hired

Attorney Beverly Basset is hired as the firm's first female associate. She leaves in 1985 to become Arkansas Securities Commissioner. 


Little Rock Merger; Firm Becomes Mitchell, Williams, Gill & Selig

The firm merges with Williams, Selig & Sayre. This merger brought partner Richard A. Williams, partner John S. Selig (former Arkansas securities commissioner), attorney Eugene G. Sayre and attorney Jean D. Stockburger to the firm, which established a thriving tax, corporate and securities practice. 


Former Arkansas Insurance Commissioner William H.L. "Bill" Woodyard, III Joins Firm

Bill Woodyard joins the firm and establishes the Firm's Insurance Regulatory practice. 


Firm Elects Two Female Partners

Tax Attorney Jean Stockberger and Municipal Finance Attorney Anne Parker were elected as the firm's first female partners. 


Firm Hires First African-American Associate

The firm hires Associate Cynthia Davis. 


Firm Founder Henry Spitzberg Passes Away

Firm founder, friend and colleague Henry Spitzberg passes away on April 11, 1990.


Firm becomes Mitchell, Williams, Selig, Gates & Woodyard

The firm officially changed its name to Mitchell, Williams, Selig, Gates & Woodyard, P.L.L.C. as it is today.


Northwest Arkansas Expansion

The firm expands to Northwest Arkansas, merging with the Bentonville practice of Attorney Ernie Lawrence.


Little Rock Expansion

The firm merges with the Ivester and Camp Law Firm in Little Rock. 


Little Rock Office Location

The Little Rock office moves to the TCBY Building, what is now the Simmons Bank Tower, in downtown Little Rock where it still resides today. 


Firm Celebrates 50th Anniversary

The firm celebrates its 50th anniversary with an intentional focus on our long-standing values of giving back to our communities and launches the Take Time To Give® program. 


Firm Elects African American Partner

Insurance Regulatory Attorney Derrick Smith is elected to partnership. 


Texas Expansion

Firm opens Austin, Texas office. In 2008, Firm merges with insurance regulatory and litigation firm Long, Burner, Parks & DeLargy. 


Loss of Firm Founders Maurice Mitchell and Steele Hays

In 2011, the firm lost two of its original founders. Maurice Mitchell passed away on April 2, 2011. Steele Hays passed away on June 23, 2011.  


William H.L. "Bill" Woodyard, III Passes Away

Insurance Regulatory practice founder and named partner Bill Woodyard passes away.


Jonesboro Expansion

The firm expands to Jonesboro and opens an office.


Firm Celebrates 70th Anniversary

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