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AI and Accountability: A Look at the President's New Executive Order
Category: Business, Information Privacy, Security and Data Rights, Legislative Updates
After observing that “Artificial intelligence offers enormous promise and great risk,” the Biden administration recently announced an Executive Order (the “Order”) setting the table for future government action in this fledging area. The Order primarily focuses on safety and security requirements…
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When Competition Crosses the Line, Level the Playing Field with Unfair Competition Litigation
Category: Business, Employment, Litigation
By now almost everyone has read about or experienced the “great resignation” and its unprecedented levels of employee turnover. With that increased worker mobility, there has been a surge in unfair competition litigation, including non-compete, trade secret, trademark, copyright, patent, and…
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What Businesses Must Know About Intellectual Property
Category: Business, Intellectual Property
Many individuals – and all businesses – have intellectual property, including everything from names and brands, to inventions, software, and works of art. Too often those assets go unprotected. As companies prepare to develop and commercialize a product or idea, it’s important that they understand…
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Arkansas Businesses Should Prepare for New Laws Passed by the State Legislature
Category: Bankruptcy, Restructuring & Creditor-Debtor Rights, Business, Employment, Legislative Updates, Tax
The Arkansas General Assembly adjourned from its 94th Regular Session on May 1, 2023, starting a 90-day clock until acts passed by the General Assembly become the law of Arkansas. Business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs should be aware of these acts set to become law on July 31. 1. Act 256…
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From Creativity to Liability: Exploring the Legal Dangers of Using Generative AI Websites, Applications, and Chrome Extensions
Category: Business, Information Privacy, Security and Data Rights, Litigation
Reflective of the reality that the buzz around ChatGPT was just one first step in the AI revolution, there are now hundreds of applications and extensions that leverage generative AI to perform a whole host of tasks. But many commentators promoting the vast adoption of generative AI seem to do so…
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