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Solar Tax Benefits Now Directly Available to State and Local Governments and 501(c)(3) Organizations
Category: Legislative Updates, Municipal and Public Finance, Tax
On August 16, 2022, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (or IRA), which provides significant tax and other incentives for qualifying renewable energy facilities including solar generation facilities. Among these are the extension and creation of almost $280 billion in clean energy…
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New Federal Legislation Eases Access to Financing for Broadband Projects with Qualified Private Activity Bonds
Category: Legislative Updates, Municipal and Public Finance
Congress has passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021, which President Biden signed on November 15, 2021. The Act includes approximately $65 billion in funding opportunities for the deployment of broadband services in rural areas. In addition to the creation of a broadband grant…
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Act 1052: An Update to Landlord-Tenant Law in Arkansas
Category: Legislative Updates, Litigation
The Arkansas Generally Assembly recently passed legislation affecting rights and duties of landlords and tenants in Arkansas. While Arkansas has been historically pro-landlord—and predominantly remains so—Act 1052 at least swings the pendulum. Most notably, Act 1052 sets forth implied habitability…
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Renewal of Federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
Category: Coronavirus (COVID-19), Health Care, Legislative Updates
On July 19, 2021, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) issued a Renewal of Determination that a Public Health Emergency Exists extending the federal COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE) for another ninety (90) days effective July 20, 2021. The PHE has been in place since January…
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2021 Arkansas Insurance Legislation Summary: Act 925 Prohibits Life Insurance/Annuity Beneficiary Change through Will
Category: Insurance Regulatory, Legislative Updates
This is the sixth and final article in a series of summaries of Insurance legislation from the 93rd Arkansas General Assembly. In a surprising move, the Arkansas General Assembly overrode long-standing Arkansas common law that permits an insured to change a beneficiary of an insurance policy via…
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