Solar Panel Recycling: Northeast Recycling Council/GreenMatch Post

February 04, 2019

By: Walter G. Wright

Category: Arkansas Environmental, Energy, and Water Law

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The Northeast Recycling Council republished a GreenMatch post titled:

What Happens to PV Panels When Their Life Cycle Ends (“Post”)

The Northeast Recycling Council Post addresses what it characterizes as opportunities for solar panel recycling.

Concern is expressed from a sustainability standpoint in regards to the end of the life cycle of photovoltaic (“PV”) solar panels.

The Post includes an infographic that explores the route for recycling PV solar panels. It notes that, by way of example, four million tons of PV have been installed in Europe and 43,500 tons of PV waste were generated by 2017. It is projected that 60 million tons of PV waste will be generated by 2050.

The Post also explores European PV manufacturers’ role in a global PV CYCLE network. Such producers are stated to be encompassed by certain legal obligations pursuant to WEEE legislation. The initiative is stated to require that members of the network demonstrate commitment to create a product that is sustainable during both production and after the purchase.

The Post also addresses:

  • Lifetime of Solar Panels
  • Disposal of Solar Panels
  • Solar Panel Waste
  • Solar Panel Recycling Processes
  • Future Benefits of Solar Waste Management

A link to the Post can be found here.

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