Class Action Defense

Companies and entities dealing with class action litigation are faced with litigation that is overwhelming in size, scope and potential exposure that can negatively impact an organization’s finances, operations and reputation. With some of the most challenging class certification laws in the country, companies with class actions pending in the state courts of Arkansas need an experienced legal team to defend against state and federal class actions.

Our nationally recognized litigators at Mitchell Williams have served as lead and co-lead trial counsel in multiple class actions involving awards valued from $10-$500 million dollars. We have a proven track record of early successes achieved through defeat of class certification, dismissal of claims of class representatives and negotiating favorable settlements. Our team provides clients with the best and most cost-effective defense by combining a command of the rules and procedures governing class actions with an in-depth knowledge of the substantive areas of the law involved in the case.

Our Arkansas based team has been involved in certification arguments and briefings in both state and federal courts and in class certification arguments at the Arkansas Supreme Court level. At trial, we have experience obtaining, preparing and presenting class action and merits experts and preparing class action cases for trial on the merits.