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Syndicated Conservation Easement Transactions: Internal Revenue Service Announces First Settlement
Category: Agriculture , Arkansas Environmental, Energy, and Water Law, Tax
The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) in an August 31st news release announced what it described as: . . . the completion of the first settlement under its initiative to resolve certain docketed cases involving syndicated conservation easement transactions (“Transactions”). The IRS had previously…
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With All My Electronic Goods I Do Thee Endow—Digital Asset Planning For The 2020s And Beyond
Category: Tax , Trusts and Estates
Hey Siri, how do I get everything on this iPhone to my loved ones if something happens to me (or make sure it’s deleted)? If you ask Siri this question, she will (as is all too common) not give you the right response, and point you to the Internet. Hopefully, with the addition of this blog post…
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How COVID-19 Has Affected Tax-Exempt Bonds
Category: Coronavirus (COVID-19), Tax
First published on The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape for many of us, including issuers of tax-exempt bonds. Many state and local governments rely on tax-exempt bonds to fund major projects for their communities. In order to remain compliant as well as identify…
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Election Day is Coming – Will Major Tax Changes Follow?
Category: Tax
Less than 100 days remain until Election Day, and much is uncertain as to which Party will control the White House and Congress in 2021. A Republican-controlled Congress and White House enacted the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (“TCJA”), which some have called the most significant tax reform…
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Estate and Gift Planning with Low Interest Rates - Making the Best of a Bad Situation
Category: Tax
Because of the current pandemic, the August 2020 applicable federal rates and section 7520 rate are at historical lows, creating opportunities for interest sensitive estate and gift tax planning. Loans to family members or trusts for the benefit of family members, and transfers to some split…
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