Mitchell Williams Attorney Brian Pipkin Presents at NALC 2018 Spring Conference in Santa Fe


Discusses Issues Impacting the Life and Health Insurance Industry

April 27, 2018

LITTLE ROCK - Mitchell, Williams, Selig, Gates and Woodyard, P.L.L.C. member Brian Pipkin presented at the National Association of Life Companies (NALC) 2018 Spring Conference in Santa Fe today providing an update on recent issues involving state life and health insurance guaranty associations .

Pipkin discussed the NAIC’s recent revisions to the Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Model Act (Model #520).  He also presented on the specific revisions related to the inclusion of HMOs as member insurers and assessment splits for LTC insurance insolvencies, the industry conditions leading to the revisions, and the effect the revisions will have on member insurers and existing state laws.

The NALC 2018 Spring Conference is a semi-annual event to discuss the latest legislative and regulatory issues impacting the life and health insurance industry. The organization focuses in on engagement with state and NALC insurance regulators, as well as key state legislative leaders and associations. Members include senior life and health insurance company leaders, including many C-suite executives and company owners, as well as key business and legal advisors to life and health insurance companies.

The National Alliance of Life Companies is a national trade association of small and mid-sized life and health insurance companies formed in 1992 because of concerns that existing trade associations would not adequately represent the interests of smaller companies.

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