Government Relations

In today’s environment, businesses and organizations need proactive government advocates to accomplish organizational objectives, comply with relevant regulations and managed the legislative and administrative processes appropriately. Mitchell Williams is recognized as a leading government relations firms in the state of Arkansas. Our government relations team leverages their knowledge in government with their established working relationships to drive value to clients by offering a unique combination of regulatory knowledge with a skilled understanding of the political process.

Our government relations lawyers have decades of experience working with and for federal, state and local governments. Our deep and unique bench of experienced advocates includes Former White House Staff, Former U.S. State Department Staff, Former Chief of Staff to the Governor of Arkansas, Former Special Justice, Arkansas Supreme Court, Former Arkansas State Senator and Chairman, Vice Chairman, and members of various State Boards and Commissions

We represent Arkansas-based public and private companies including Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized businesses, small businesses, utilities, universities and companies headquartered outside of Arkansas with local operations. We provide substantive legal analysis with a sophisticated understanding of the legislative and regulatory process and work with clients in developing strategies and coordinating tactics for effective, bipartisan, multidisciplinary advocacy. Our services include:

Legislative Lobby

Our team takes a progressive approach to produce results for our clients. Combining integrity, personal relationships and experience, our team has earned the trust and confidence of both our clients and of the elected officials on both sides of the political spectrum. Our legislative lobby capabilities include legislative strategy, drafting legislation, communication with legislative officials and advocacy with legislative committees and study commissions.

Executive Agency, Compliance and Advocacy

For businesses in regulated industries, compliance with regulations established by administrative agencies, executive officials and special purpose boards is a reality of doing business. Our team assists clients with regulatory requirements, comprehensive compliance programs and non-compliance mitigation. The team also represents clients before administrative boards and agencies.

Procurement & State Contracting

Our government relations team recognizes the complexity of doing business with the government. We have decades of experience finding opportunities for products, services and technologies in Arkansas government procurement programs and provide counsel on all aspects of public procurement and government contracting. We assist clients with managing procurement rules, procedures and protocols. We provide counsel on bid strategies, strategic alliance agreements, bid protests, challenges and contract administration. Our team also litigates contract disputes and claims.

Arkansas Ethics, Compliance & Reporting

Companies, nonprofit organizations and unincorporated groups are impacted by government policy and regulatory decisions at the federal, state and local levels. When petitioning the government for preferred policies, organizations must adhere to strict government regulations. We counsel clients on obligations and rules related to governmental interactions and advise clients on matters related to ethics, compliance, lobby registration, reporting, gifts, entertainment, charitable functions, tax implications, government contracts, 501(c)3 lobbying, IRS limitation, campaign contributions and political action committee activities.