Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in the power of experience – all experiences. In fact, diversity is an important priority at Mitchell Williams, and it is also an area we are committed to developing further. For us, this pursuit has become more than an ideal; It is based on action, with the goal of growing into an even stronger future.

Diverse Team

Mitchell Williams develops and maintains a diverse team through the recruitment, retention and advancement of talented and motivated individuals. Character is always our common ground. Beliefs, backgrounds, ethnicities, orientations, genders, races, religions – all are varied and valued here.

Inclusive Environment

We endeavor to create a professional atmosphere where all voices are heard and respected. Our attorneys, staff members and leadership are encouraged to volunteer for nonprofit and community organizations, including those dedicated to diversity, and we proudly contribute resources and other support.

Constant Improvement

The more we learn about and work toward these goals, the more we realize how far away they still are. That is why Mitchell Williams created a Diversity & Inclusion Council to continually evaluate and make recommendations for our firm, as well as guide training for every employee. We are on this journey together.