Practice Areas

Wage and Hour Compliance and Litigation

Mitchell Williams labor and employment lawyers have extensive experience in defending wage and hour claims, ranging from employee misclassification, unpaid overtime, off-the-clock work, and missed meal and rest period issues, to improper deductions from paychecks and pay stub issues.  Our team advises clients on effective strategies to limit an employer’s exposure and litigation costs.

We advise employers on how to recognize and address potential violations that could result in penalties or costly litigation. Our attorneys arm employers with the tools they need to comply with wage and hour laws and regulations, and the knowledge necessary to resolve wage and hour disputes informally, as they arise in the workplace.

Compliance Programs

We advise clients in creating comprehensive compliance programs, including:

  • Compliance-assured payroll systems and pay practices

  • Compliance-assured pay policies and incentive pay plans

  • Internal complaint and investigation processes

  • Training for non-exempt employees and their immediate supervisors

Wage & Hour Audits

We conduct wage and hour audits for employers of all sizes, to identify compliance issues and to help minimize a client’s exposure. The reports of our audit results are both comprehensive and practical, giving clients documentation (including legal opinions, if necessary), that will support good faith defenses in litigation.


Mitchell Williams attorneys represent clients under investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor and state labor agencies. We counsel clients on what to expect during an investigation as well as what approach will be most efficient and effective in obtaining a favorable resolution.


When litigation is unavoidable, Mitchell Williams’ litigation team aggressively defends employers in wage and hour disputes and advises employers on reducing future litigation risks. Our team has successfully defended employers in the full range of wage disputes, including claims for meal and rest period violations, vacation plan violations, alleged misclassification of exempt employees, travel time violations, and off-the-clock work.