Practice Areas

Threat Management and Risk Assessment

Mitchell Williams lawyers bring deep knowledge of the investigations process and compliance enforcement to the business of assessing legal and compliance risk.  We work with clients to devise internal compliance and control programs that address an organization's highest risks in a judicious and cost-effective manner.

Our team collaborates with clients to develop

  • Organizational structures

  • Policies and procedures

  • Individual roles and responsibilities

  • Supervisory controls

  • Risk management protocols

  • Whistleblower and other early-detection controls

  • Comprehensive compliance programs

—all of which are tailored to an organization’s culture and business objectives.

We work with companies to integrate risk-based and adequately resourced compliance programs into their business operations. Such programs not only position a company to prevent violations in the first place; they also create a foundation of solid, ethical business practices from which to defend any future allegation of misconduct.