December 31, 2012

Category: Arkansas Environmental, Energy, and Water Law

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Author: Walter G. Wright The federal Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") has issued a document titled National Water Program 2012 Strategy: Response to Climate Change ("Strategy"). The Strategy addresses climate change in the context of EPA water programs. The agency states that the Strategy emphasizes assessing and managing risk and incorporating adaption into core programs. The Strategy also notes:

Many of the programs and activities already underway throughout the NWP "“ such as protecting healthy watersheds and wetlands; managing stormwater with green infrastructure; and improving the efficiency and sustainability of water infrastructure, including promoting energy and water efficiency, reducing pollutants, and protecting drinking water and public health "“ are even more important to do in light of climate change. However, climate change poses such significant challenges to the nation's water resources that more transformative approaches will be necessary. These include critical reflection on programmatic assumptions and development and implementation of plans to address climate change's challenges.

The chapters in the Strategy include topics such as The Evolving Context, Framework For A Climate Ready National Water Program, Programmatic Visions, Goals, and Strategic Actions, Geographic Climate Regions, and Cross-Cutting Program Support. A copy of the Strategy can be downloaded here.
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