Drain Smart – Central Arkansas Program: Artwork/Update

May 13, 2016

By: Walter G. Wright

Category: Arkansas Environmental, Energy, and Water Law

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Drain Smart Central Arkansas (“Drain Smart”) previously issued a 2016 “Call for Artists” seeking sponsorships for its program .http://www.mitchellwilliamslaw.com/drain-smart-central-arkansas-program-sponsorship/2016-call-for-artists

Drain Smart is sponsored by Audubon Arkansas and was initiated last year as a:

  …  public art and environmental education program that uses semi-permanent murals to communicate the link between street litter, storm drains, and water quality.

Drain Smart’s objective is to “make people think twice before disposing of anything down a storm drain.”

The blog Rock Candy has a May 4th post updating the Call for Artists noting the selection of the Little Rock drains and the artists selected http://www.arktimes.com/RockCandy/archives/2016/05/04/an-artist-paints-to-keep-streams-clean.

The blog post notes that the drains selected include South Main, four at the Promenade at Chenal and six on Center Street.

The blog post also notes that the artists selected include John Van Horn, Prinn Vandegrift, Madeline Chandler, Emmanuel Rice, Melissa Conley, Dondi Warren, Monica Penny, Jessica McSpadden, Linda Haycook, Lorria Eubanks, Scott Mattson, Tanya Hollifield, Larry Crane, Jordan Karpe, Mandi Houke and Terre Tollett, Kaitlin Rhodes, Erica Vanhaute, Chloe Beall, Savannah Fischer, Lauren Joseph, Cate Willis, Rachel Handloser, Catherine Dobry, Marianne Nolley, Marcella Melandri, and Sarah Higgins.to the list).

The post notes that the artists will finish their work by June 4th and there will be a public vote for prizes on June 14th.

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