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Mitchell Williams’ insurance regulatory lawyers are innovators in constructing mechanisms for alternative risk transfer. Our lawyers have lobbied for, and authored legislation in favor of, captive insurance companies in multiple states.  We have also participated in the rule-making process and were instrumental in forming the Texas Captive Insurance Association.

As more companies are looking for alternative ways to manage risk, captive insurance gives a company more control over how they are insured and how they deploy capital. By utilizing captives, a company can offer significant advantages to its businesses and bottom line, including the reduction or stabilization of costs, favorable tax implications, claims management and profit retention.

We work with clients to structure and form domestic and off-shore captives, re-domesticate captives as the state legislatures make it favorable to move, advise on risk retention groups and risk purchasing groups, and counsel on other alternative and self-insurance options. We handle formations and re-domestications, licensing and registrations, regulatory and corporate compliance for associations, healthcare providers, manufacturers, and other businesses to enable them to manage multiple types of risk.

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