Practice Areas

Arkansas Ethics, Compliance, & Reporting

Companies, nonprofit organizations and unincorporated groups are impacted by government policy and regulatory decisions at the federal, state and local levels. Mitchell Williams not only works on behalf of our clients to make sure their issues are heard, but also counsels clients on obligations and rules related to the client’s governmental interactions. Our experienced team works with clients to ensure that their key concerns are articulated clearly and within all regulatory and legal requirements.

We counsel clients on matters related to ethics and gifts, compliance, and lobby registration and reporting.

Our experience includes advising clients on matters related to gift and entertainment offerings to legislative officials, staff and executive branch and agency officials, events and receptions with public officials and/or staff, and attendance at charitable functions.

When petitioning the government for preferred policies at the local, state and federal level, corporations and non-profit organizations must adhere to strict government regulations. Mitchell Williams works with Arkansas and non Arkansas-based clients to provide advice on legal standards including:

  • Governmental monitoring and lobbying
  • Lobbyist registration including pre-registration activities that trigger lobby registration and reporting requirements
  • Implications of governmental contacts
  • Volunteer, in-house and external lobbying distinctions and related reporting
  • Lobbying related compliance including the establishment of compliance plans and tracking mechanisms for activities and expenses.
  • Tax implications of lobbying expenditures, including "proxy tax" reporting
  • Lobbying in government contract situations
  • Charitable and 501(c)(3) organization lobbying including IRS limitations, disclosures, limitations, and volunteer/in-house or paid lobbying activities
  • Campaign contribution limitations and political action committee activities.